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Baylor Business Review

Need to know how to beat jet lag? With more than three million airline miles logged, Mike Markwardt is a true international businessman...more>>

Launch Business Accelerator

Mike Markwardt has spent over 29 years in the import/export furniture, ceiling fan and lighting industry. Under Mike's leadership...more>>

Legaré Furniture

Legaré Furniture is a supplier of tool-free assembly furniture. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, and was founded as Legaré, L.P. (Limited Partners) in 2003 by Mike Markwardt...more>>

Encon Ceiling Fans

Mike Markwardt helped build his family Encon ceiling fan business into a global powerhouse with distribution centers in Texas, Canada, England, Germany and Mexico, and a strong supply chain network of manufacturers located in China, Taiwan Korea, India, Czech Republic and Mexico. Download the Encon corporate catalog here.

Legaré Tool-Free Furniture

Legaré Kids Furniture

Legaré 420 lb Weight Test

BRIC i5 China Initiative

Ambassador to China

Mike serves as Ambassador to China for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce...

East-West Trading

Mike maintains a Hong Kong office (East-West Trading) for quality control and product sourcing in China...

Fort Worth Busines Press

Fort Worth Business Press article on Legaré Furniture...

Spotlight on Encon

Spotlight on Encon fan and lighting supplier article...

Baylor "Insider" Winter 2017

Baylor Bear Foundation "Insider" article - Winter 2017...

Fanning The Globe

Fanning The Globe article...

Baylor New Ventures Competition

Mike Markwardt served as Judge & Sponsor for the Baylor "New Ventures Competition"... more>>

Sister Cities International

Sister Cities International invitation...