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Europe - Lionel Chevalier

Lionel Chevalier

Steering our European Sales Operations is Lionel Chevalier, a product-minded French expert in European Commerce. Lionel is fluent in 3 languages (French, Spanish & English), and has a good command of Portuguese and Italian. He has built a very successful business reputation throughout Europe and traveled extensively on sales and sourcing trips to an astonishing 62 countries.

Lionel Chevalier and his family

With over 25 years of sales, marketing and sourcing experience, Lionel has developed strong relationships with many of Europe’s major retail and wholesale multi-national companies - Conforama, Castorama, Carrefour, Metro, Kingfisher, Bauhaus, OBI and ADEO. Lionel Chevalier He has created value-added B to B brands in a myriad of DIY product categories such as furniture, lighting and bath-closet-garage organization.

Open minded and always positive, his ability is real in aligning strategic sales connections and setting up European subsidiary operations for North American and Asian companies willing to sell and distribute their quality tested products throughout the demanding European Market.