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John Sledge, President/CEO, Aquila Environmental (USA)

Mike / Markwardt Enterprises played a crucial role in greatly diminishing the pricing structure of our business which in turn helped torpedo us to the next level. Mike brings such enthusiasm, selflessness, and integrity to his work that it’s easy to be able to consider him part of our inner "work family" but hard to be able to call him an "outside consultant".

Kevin Zhao, Exec VP, YANKON LED Lighting Group (China)

Mike has an experienced, knowledgeable business mind with an in-depth understanding of Chinese culture. His broad experience and strong connection with USA importers can really help a lot of Chinese manufacturers.

Lionel Chevalier, Managing Director, Mobilio 8 (France)

While working closely with Mike and his team I experienced his true interest in the culture of his Asian & European partners. This allows Markwardt to be appreciated as an efficient and respectful partner in clever win-win business projects. His great taste for innovation & creative marketing approach makes sense for cooperation. In Europe too, we built a strong business together with a mix of discipline in efforts and mind with many peaceful negotiations.

David Berzina, Exec VP Economic Development, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce (USA)

Mike has served as Fort Worth's Ambassador to China on our Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce International Committee since 2008. He has provided invaluable experience and advise when it comes to hosting and preparing for our many important international business guests and strategic opportunities here in Tarrant County. Mike was the lead player in establishing Fort Worth Sister Cities' China Partner City - Guiyang in Guizhou Province, China.

Nobuto Fukube, President, NF-Import (Japan)

Mike Markwardt helped our import business significantly here in Japan with his innovative tool-free assembly Legaré Furniture. He provided good marketing support which enabled us to sell multiple containers of his remarkably designed furniture. Mike even visited us for the launch of Legaré on QVC live television here in Tokyo.

David You, President, Zhongshan Kaietech Ltd. (China)

I have worked with Mike in both Taiwan and China for the past 30 years and learned a great deal from him with regard to building strong relationships with numerous Far East suppliers and countless buyers visiting from all over the world. Mike is a true professional and has an incredible work ethic and passion for international business.

Bryan Chambers, President, Chambers Venture Capital and Director, Blackstone LaunchPad UT Dallas (USA)

I have had the pleasure of working with Mike Markwardt for many years and am proud to call Mike a business partner, a mentor, and a trusted friend. Mike and I have been involved in various investment dealings and new ventures together both domestic and international. Mike’s business acumen, leadership and international business experience has made him a business partner that I've always been able to count on, and have come to lean on and trust explicitly. Specifically, his attention to detail and experience dealing with complex, international trade deals and negotiations has proven to be a huge competitive advantage, leading us to superior "win-win" outcomes. There are not a lot of executives out there with more international trade (import-export) and global business experience than Mike, and especially that put the same effort, ethics, and integrity behind their everyday actions.

Hank Lo, Managing Director, Hong Kong China Electric Appliance Mfg. Co., Ltd. (China)

Mike Markwardt was instrumental in helping our company analyze the U.S. market and helped us map out a strategy to take our business to new heights. He provided valuable insights into key market segment opportunities as well. We highly recommend him to help any business looking to grow.

Bernd Flesche, President, Flesche Investments GmbH (Germany)

It is more than twenty years ago that I had the pleasure to meet Michael Markwardt and his family in the US. Since then we frequently exchanged our business views and perspectives. I have learned Michael as true and faithful partner. His great treasure trove of experience as well as his communication and networking talents characterizes a personality that is always desirable to work with.