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Import-Export Consulting

We work closely with companies looking to expand their import-export business by providing experienced advice and cost efficient solutions for all types of logistics services such as 3PL warehousing, harmonized tariff duty calculation, customs regulations, international freight forwarding, import-export brokerage, international shipment documentation, supplier-customer payment options, port to door freight cost calculation, freight consolidation, break bulk cargo, air cargo, container cube optimization, C-TPAT security compliance, shipment-transit lead time forecasting and other supply chain management services.

Global Sourcing

Mike Markwardt and Michael Su have over 50 years combined experience sourcing a wide range of finished goods products, utilizing low cost skilled labor suppliers from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Korea for delivery to consumer and commercial markets in North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. We strategically develop alternate supplier sourcing to stimulate cost-saving competition while maintaining strong vendor relationships with consistent, timely delivery.

Quality Assurance

We offer a comprehensive quality management system that focuses on sourcing from ISO 9000 certified manufacturers, qualified through factory audits and consistently maintained under strict mil-standard quality control procedures of incoming raw material and pre-production, coupled with AQL random sample finished goods inspections. We also offer expedited supervision of product testing and quality certification approvals at respected independent laboratories throughout Asia.

International Sales & Marketing

Mike has built and strategically sold two international import-export businesses over his 36 year career and guided both companies to remarkable international sales & marketing success. With vast experience in international trade show preparation & execution, in-depth consumer research, international retail pricing analysis, innovative product development, creative graphic design packaging concepts and superior brand & category management, Mike and his talented European business associate, Lionel Chevalier, have achieved strong market penetration with a vast array of products sold through master distributor relationships and mass retail contacts in over 25 countries around the globe.